Tanaka Blue 2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Stainless Clad

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Tanaka Blue 2 Nashiji Gyuto 240mm Stainless Clad

Another collaboration between Tanaka and K&S Customers. Why I say it is the result of K&S customers? Because only with the help of my fellow customers that I am able to convince Tanaka-san about the genuine need in the market of this Blue 2 with stainless clad line. This line is the latest work between me and Tanaka-san, so combined with previous feedback from customers, the B2 stainless line basically have the following features:

* Much anticipated Blue 2 core with stainless clad

* Kanji reads 辰光 誠貴ä½?(Shinko Shigeki Made), with Shinko being the K&S house brand, showing this is a genuine collaboration between Tanaka and K&S. 

* Nashiji finish is quite special to Tanaka knives, gives a very unique rustic feel 

* K&S treatment with rounded spine and choil

* Able to customize handle design and add a K&S hardwood saya



Always thought that Tanaka blades are great value with poor F&F? Think again! 

For a long time I tought the same, and this is the reason I was not able to fully commit on carrying all the other ranges of Tanaka knives other than the western R2 line. For a long time, I wish I could offer the great value and cutting performance of Tanaka knives with a much improved F&F, and I finally done it: I am proud to offer you the K&S Tanaka knives. Same maker, same great cutting performance, same unbeatable value, but a much better overall finished Tanaka. 

So what I have achieved? 

  • Rounded spine and choil a standard, no more harsh edge;
  • An awesome newly designed K&S semi-custom handle a standard. 
  • Same great value!






200 g 

Total Length

382 mm 

Tip to Heel Length

243 mm 

Blade Height at Heel

50 mm 

Width of Spine Above Heel 

2.9 mm 

Width of Spine at Middle of Blade

2.6 mm 

Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip

1.0 mm 


Blue 2 core with stainless clad



Handle Design