The Syousin Chiku is the latest addition to the constantly expanding product line of Knives and Stones. The Chiku is made by a rising bladesmith from the Takefu village. While he is young, he has been the apprentice of some well known masters, and his work is exceptional: balances well with some of the best grinds in its class.

I consider myself really lucky because his order is now queued up for a few months, but we were still able to place our order; more importantly, we were able to see him in person and explained some of the extra attentions that we want.

So the result is the Syousin Chiku. The first line is stainless clad with Aogami Super core steel hardened to about HRC62, and with kurochi finish. The cladding is finished in a unique hammered pattern, which gives this rustic 3D feel that I think is really cool. Blade comes with thick spine behind the heel, and tapers down fast towards the tip. The octagonal handle is made of rosewood and the ferrule is pakka wood. We also have the choil and spine polished to give the knife a better overall fit and finish.

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