Sukenari (佑成) HAP40 HSPS Damascus K-tip Gyuto 240mm K&S Special Burl SP1

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Sukenari (佑成) HAP40 HSPS Damascus K-tip Gyuto 240mm K&S Special Burl SP1

HAP40 Damascus Kiritsuke Shaped Gyuto 240mm with K&S stabilized and dyed birch burl handle, black horn and African wenge saya. 

K&S is proud to be the global launch partner of the much anticipated Sukenari HAP40 Damascus line. As aresult we are offering some special versions to celebrate the launch. 


I am glad to bring you the latest Sukenari offering: the HAP40 High Speed Tool Steel by Hitachi. The HAP40 is a powdered semi-stainless steel, has only about 4% of Chromium. The high Chromium content in stainless steel tends to stick to food and gives a wired sharpening feedback; the HAP40 in contrast behaves like carbon steel yet it won’t rust as easily as traditional carbon steel. One could almost get away with any rust developing on the blade as long as it is cleaned and wiped dry after each prep.

The HAP40 line is heat treated to a staggering HRC 68 +- 0.5. (If you have any double of this, you should read this blog). This is even higher than the Sukenari’s famous ZDP189 line (HRC 66) and the now discontinued Aogami Super Damascus line (HRC 67). You may wonder this is going to be a nightmare to sharpen (since the ZDP189 is bad enough already), but the truth is, it wasn’t that bad. My experience with the Sukenari HAP40 is that it sits between SG2 and ZDP189 in terms of how easy to sharpen. Because the HAP40 is a highly alloyed steel, it won’t be as chippy as the ZDP189 or the water-quenched Aogami Super.

As always, the grind of Sukenari is not the thinnest out there but to me it is still thin enough for most users. The 240 that I tried goes through potato effortlessly, thanks to the super sharp OOTB edge and a very nice geometry. If your task requires an extreme edge retention, the new HAP40 line from Sukenari is a very good alternative (upgrade) to the ZDP189 line.






Total Length


Tip to Heel Length


Blade Height at Heel


Width of Spine Above Heel 


Width of Spine at Middle of Blade


Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip



Hitachi HAP40 High Speed Powdered Steel


HRC 68 +- 0.5

Handle Design