SUEHIRO Kouka #3000 Sharpening Stone

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SUEHIRO Kouka #3000 Sharpening Stone

Kouka #3000 is the sibling of the famous Rika #5000. Basically the Kouka is very similar to the Cerax #3000 with a more traditional packing (like the Rika), also comes with a base: a popular choice in Japan. Both of the Kouka and Rika are perfect choices for kitchen knives because of their very gentle feedback, it is some of the best stones out there that give the  knife a very nice Kasumi (haze) finish. Comes with a small Nagura to clean the surface of the stone.  

It is highly recommend for single bevel sushi knives. Works best with a 3 to 5 minutes of soaking. 


Measurement: 210 x 75 x 23\mm


This product is for sale in Australia and New Zealand only.