Shiro-ko Honyaki

The Masamoto Shiro-ko Honyaki (正本 本烧 • 玉白鋼): Forged with a single piece of white 2 steel, the Masamoto honyaki knives are the pinnacle of Japanese kitchen knives with a rich history and pedigree. Very difficult to forge and sharpen, the honyaki knives truly demonstrates the highest craftsmanship of Japanese kitchen knife, and the desire of the user to chase for the best tool possible. Because of its higher hardness and lack of cladding, the honyaki knives are harder to maintain therefore it is recommended for experienced user only.

Masamoto Sohonten, the undisputed king of Japanese kitchen knives, has arrived at Knives and Stones. Started by Minosuke Matsuzawa in 1872, succeed by Kichizo Hirano in 1891, Masamoto Sohonten is now under the management of the 6th generation Masamoto: Masahiro Hirano. With almost 150 years of history, Masamoto Sohonten is recognized by almost every Japanese chef as the best kitchen knife brand in Japan.   


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