Sakai Jikko Akebono (æ›? "Day Break") Gyuto 240mm with Saya

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Sakai Jikko Akebono (æ›? "Day Break") Gyuto 240mm with Saya


About the line: 曙(Akebono: Day Breakï¼?/span>

What are similarities and differences between the Akatsuki and Akebono?


  • First of all, both the Akatsuki and Akebono means “dawn / daybreak”. I consider the Akebono as the sister line of the Akatsuki;
  • They are both finished by Master Hirosugu Tosa to an extremely high standard;
  • They are both iron cladded;
  • They are both extremely thin behind the edge;
  • They are both K&S exclusive. 

Above are pretty much the only similar bits that are the same between the two lines, and let’s focus on the differences: 

  • Unlike the Akatsuki which is derived from an existing (Jikko Yosaku) line, the Akebono is built from the ground up. The Akebono as of now only offer the 240mm Gyuto, and it will expand into other profiles depending on the market responsek
  • The profile of Akebono is made 100% to my specification;
  • The Akebono is forged by a well-known master smith, Kenichi Shiraki who is most famous for his blue steel work;
  • I consider the Akebono as an experimental line that is focused on the knife-nut community, and I will throw in many of my ideas here. You are most welcome let me know what you like to see in the future; 

Above are the general overview of the Akobono line, now it is time to have a look at the Akebono Gyuto 240mm.


The Profile

As a vendor, I receive a lot of “suggestions” that the length on Sakai knives are quite confusing with how exist of the machi determines the how the knife length is calculated. I am also quite frustrated that I have constantly explain to customers about this, so I figure I may as well just ask for a 240, with a pointy tip and a decent flat spot.

I also added a bit of height to the heel so it goes between 53 to 55mm, the example that I measured is at 54mm.


 (Profile comparison, side by side)



(Profile comparison, overlay)


The Grind

I was really impressed by the Akatsuki and I don’t think there is much of a change needed at for the Akebono so I asked Tosa-san to just to whatever he can to create something equally impressive, and here is what I got from him. I am really happy with what I have got here in Sydney and I hope you will have the same feeling.


(Thickness at 1cm behind the edge)


The Extras

The spine is totally rounded instead of just chamfering, it gives just THAT little extra comfort on pinch grip. I actually brought one of my K&S treated Tanaka to Jikko and asked for the same thing J I am glad to see Jikko totally exceed my expection in this regard.


As I said, I will be trialling a few ideas in the Akebono line. This time around, I will be adding a “customization” option at the product page. It will give you the option to choose you own handles and sayas to fit your taste (and budget :D).

 Here are a few examples of what you can choose.



(Jikko Akebono Gyuto 240mm with ebony / single metal spacer handle) 


(Jikko Akebono Gyuto 240mm with ebony / single metal spacer handle) 


(K&S 240mm Saya hardwood saya)





227 g 

Total Length

400 mm 

Tip to Heel Length

242 mm 

Blade Height at Heel

54 mm 

Width of Spine Above Heel 

3.4 mm 

Width of Spine at Middle of Blade

2.8 mm 

Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip

1.0 mm 


Blue 2 with iron clad



Handle Design