Kurosaki Raijin (雷神) Petty 150 mm Cobalt Special Steel

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Kurosaki Raijin (雷神) R2 Petty 150 mm

Kurosaki Raijin (雷神, God of the Thunder) is the latest addition of the Kurosaki line. Kurosaki has built his reuption because his knife cuts extremely well, and on top of that, the unique hammer patterns on his blades demonstrate his own style and understanding of knife artistics. While the Fujin (God of the Wind) is based on VG10 damascus and Aogami Super, the Raijin is the next iteration utilitsing cobalt special steel which is very similar to the Takefu SG2 steel, and is heat treated to HRC 64.  

What is so speical about K&S Raijin?

Unlike the conventional Echizen knives mostly featuring a simple darkwood handle that is neither hardwood, nor with horn ferrule, and without any taper. I decided that the new line warrants a better handle. For the older knives, since we also receive them handled, the cost of replacing them with K&S handles are quite expensive. So this time around I ordered the blade only and as a result I am able to install the much better quality K&S handles. The standard handle is the K&S octagonal handle with ebony and black baffalo horn ferrule. We sell them at AU$80 a pop (check it out here), and sells a lot of them, so you know you are getting one heck of a deal here!

Not to mention that you can also get the elegant K&S wenge saya for only AU$55. It is by far the best value for money saya in the entire market, and you will only be able to get them when at the time you buy the knife :)









Total Length


Tip to Heel Length


Blade Height at Heel


Width of Spine Above Heel 


Width of Spine at Middle of Blade


Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip



Cobalt Special Steel, Stainless Cladding


HRC 63 to 64

Handle Design

K&S Handle Options