Hienn - Kensaki Yanagiba 300mm by Itsuo Doi

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Hienn - Kaiseki yanagiba 300mm by Itsuo Doi

Hienn (飛燕 the Flying Swallow), , blue 2 yanagiba line forged by the 3rd generation of the Doi family: master Itsuo Doi. With mirror polished front side. 

I was able to meet Doi-san in July 2014 at Aoki Hamono's factory in Sakai city. He is a very humble person, paitently explained a lot of the techniques in detail. It was a dream came true for a knifenut like me to see a master bladesmith in person. He demonstrated to us the complete process of forging a blade from a billet of steel. I still remember that day the ambient temperature was 36 degrees celsius (97 F). Even just by standing there, we were sweating like having a shower. It was then I realized that in order to become a true bladesmith, one need not only skills but a real passion of knife making. More importantly, I realized that this is the real difference between a handforged knife and a machine stamped knife. Seeing Doi-san fogring his masterpieces in such condition was the inspriation of the name our custom line: Syousin 匠心, meaning the heart and soul of a craftsman. 





266 g

Total Length

460 mm

Tip to Heel Length

310 mm

Blade Height at Heel

37 mm

Width of Spine Above Heel 

4 mm

Width of Spine at Middle of Blade

3.3 mm

Width of Spine at about 1cm From the Tip

2.1 mm