Genkai Masakuni (玄海正國) "Moonight Fujiyama" Mizu-Honyaki Yanagiba 390 mm

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Genkai Masakuni "Moonight Fujiyama" Mizu-Honyaki Yanagiba 390 mm

K&S received a small batch of large blades from Master Genkai Masakuni. I was told they were forged some 20 years ago when master Masakuni was younger and had the energy to forge such a large blade (I receoved honyaki knives between 390 to 480mm). Through our supplier we managed to have a friction saya made specifcally for this knife in ebony along with the signature triple spacer handle. 

This one is sold to a special customer. FOR DISPLAY PURPOSE ONLY.


Talking about Honyaki kitchen knives from Japan, we always think about the beautiful wave-pattern hamon. I have plenty of those waiting to be listed, but I want to introduce you this beautiful mizu-honyaki blade as my first Honyaki knife here at Knives and Stones: the magnificant "Moonnight Fuji mountain", which is named after its painting like hamon line featuring the famous Fuji-mountain.

As far as I know, there are only two masters in Japan that can forge this type of hamon, and one of them is "Genkai".


This is one of the finest Japanese honyaki kitchen knives that you can possibly buy, I absolutely LOVE his work, and I want to share them with you.