Timber sourcing day trip

Posted by James Zhang on 29th May 2015

I need great figured timber for my woodworking projects, sayas, handles and magnet knife bars. You are almost guaranteed to get nothing from hardware stores, and timber sheds in the city are more geared towards large quantity uers like furniture makers and decking / fencing guys.  There are some higher end timber vendors, but usually the mark up is too big for my little wallet. 

So once in a while, a trip to the country is needed, to visit those little timber mills hidden in the bush and convince them that I need their best stuff (usually sitting in their little tresure box). After meeting a nice timber supplier at a timber show, I decided to take a trip to their mill a few days ago.

It is always a pleasure to drive into the mountains. 

Stopped half way to check out a little look out place

The famous bushfire here in Australia means you can always score a ton of charcoal afterwards, thats probably we love our backyard barbeque here?

Also came across this awesome looking one-lane bridge

Upon arriving, the very first thing that caught my eye was these huge burls pile. These are redgum burls, so tends to have lots of voids here and there, I would be laughing if there were Mallee or Coolibah burls ;p

Lots of huge logs and slabs scattered around, but these are not what I am after either


this is what I am really talking about! Black wattle and blackwood with A TON OF FIGURE (but you may not see it just like so) ;p

Can probably see some fiddleback patterns now (rings)

So here is what they really look like, after just going through and thickness planner :)

Can't wait to work on them now!