Restaurant Sushi Sen

Restaurant Sushi Sen

Posted by James Zhang on 4th Nov 2019

Nothing can beat a Sushi dinner, and this time my partner Kyo brought me to his favorite restaurant: Sushi-Sen (鮨千). 

Just like any other great sushi restaurants in Japan, Sushi-Sen has only a few bar seats, has a sole chef and a couple of helping hands. Chef Sen-san (that is how patrons call him) mostly makes Nigiri sushi, but does have other dishes as well, such as shrimp miso soup (Okay, it is the best that I can describe this delicious soup).

(Setting of Sushi-sen is just like a typical Nigiri sushi restaurant, everyone sits at the bar, instead of Omakase menu, a more local restaurant will make to order)

Sushi-Sen is blended into the local surroundings of 苦樂園 (Kurakuen), and the customer base is the locals as well, we are probably one of the very few foreigners that visits in a year. Unlike the glamorous Sushi restaurants in Ginza or Roppongi, that each visit needs an ultra-advanced planning, organizing the exact date with hotel, the exact time of visit, strictly follows what is on offer on the day (almost always Omakase), it is almost like going to a three-star French restaurant. According to my partner Kyo, “while I love those super top Sushi place, it is not something that one can go as frequent as you wish, to the point that it is a bit daunting. I like to enjoy good Sushi whenever I want to, and without much planning”.

(Like many Sushi restaurants in Japan, Sushi-Sen is quite hidden in the neighborhood without any big flashy signs)

(The street view of Sushi-sen, with the restaurant is just to the left of this photo, this is a very typical Japanese neighborhood, and has almost no traffic on a Saturday afternoon)

I can really understand why. Historically sushi is a type of fast food, spread around the Tokyo streets, that one can just go there, have a few pops, and leave. People even stand on the side of the bar to have their Sushi. In modern days Sushi is becoming ever popular and ever more prestigious, evolving into the find dinning model. I don’t question such model, yet I do agree with Kyo that enjoying Sushi the tradition way is more comfortable and layback.  That does not mean the food is bad at all, otherwise how can you survive in the Sushi country