My syousin magnetic knife strip WIP

Posted by James Zhang on 29th May 2015

I was the other day asked by a customer to make him a magnetic  knife strip. So I figure that I may share the WIP here, I actually consider a magnetic knife strip a rather enjoyable small woodworking project.

-- I use rare earth magnet in 20mm diameter, 5mm thickness. These are quite strong, and the depth is around 4 to 5mm from the contacting side. 

-- essentially you drill the hole using a forstner bit from the back and glue in the magnet, this is really a what a magnet knife strip about. 

A start with a roughsawn rosewood blank.

a bit of hand and machine job

You end up with a ready to work piece. This is where most people should start: get your local timber supplier to sell you a ready to go blank, and cut to your preferred size.

After a bit of drilling, I end up something like this

Glue the magnets, I use 5min epoxy for the job. 

Once glue is set, sand to 400grit+, with your choice of finish (wipe on polyurethene for better protection, or simply oil/wax for the warmth feeling). You will have your self a nice magnet knife strip!

Using keyhole hanging method probably gives the cleaner installation :)