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About Sakai Jikko

Posted by James Zhang on

Many of you may not be aware of the brand “Sakai Jikko”, yet is a very well-known brand in the Japan domestic market with a long history of making premium professional kitchen knives in Sakai, Osaka. Established in 1901, it is now in the hands of the 4th generation owner Toshiyuki Jikko.


(Sakai Jikko Logo)

In the past years, they were mainly focused on the domestic market, as a result, many of us have barely heard of them until probably recently, yet, Jikko is among the biggest Sakai knife brands with a full range of single and double bevel knives in varies materials. It has a designer showroom / workshop in Sakai’s main street: Kishu Highway.

(The entrance walk of Sakai Jikko's showroom on Kishu Highway, Sakai)

Upon entering the showroom, there are a few large grinding wheels and sharpening stations, if you are lucky, you can see the them doing some sharpening work.

(Ground floor workshop of Sakai Jikko, compriased of big water grinding wheels and hand sharpening stations)

The upper level is one of the most exquisite showroom of ANY kitchen knife maker in Japan. I was literally blown away by how much attention was paid to create such an impressive Japanese style showroom.

 (Upper level, the exquisite showroom of Sakai Jikko)

And of course there are a lot of super nice Jikko knives in there :)

(The premium  honyaki blades on display at the showroom of Sakai Jikko)

Jikko also has a long history of partnering with some of the top Sakai makers. The late Tatsuo Ikeda (elder brother of Yoshikazu Ikeda) use to work mostly with Jikko and now his son Ryoichi Ikeda is doing the same. Kenichi Shiraki is another master that works a lot with Jikko, mostly responsible for Jikko’s Blue steel and honyaki blades.

Knives and Stones is very happy to work with Jikko and will introduce some very unique knives to my fellow customers.