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Shinko - Tanaka Blue 2 Stainless Clad now available

Posted by James Zhang on

We all love Tanaka for its superb price / performance. His Blue 2 damascus line has long been one of the standout product thanks to his exceptional heat treatment on the blue steel and great cutting performance. Yet feedback suggests the iron cladding can be quite reactive and the knife can benefit from some thinning. The solution to this was to come up with a stainless cladded variant, and Tanaka-san provided a very limited batch sometime last year. The reception was very positive but that batch didn’t solve one problem: still a little too thick for the taste of many.

So the second iteration began, with the variants: I love the rustic look of Tanaka Nashiji finish and so as the cutting of the new thinner Ginsan grind so I asked for that version; along with the even thinner migaki version (insert ref). After some in house testing, it turned out that I still prefer the Nashiji, so I went ahead with the bulk order, which they started to arrive in late June. Because of this special collaboration I got Tanaka-san to engrave my own Shino (辰光)Kanji on to the blade along side his usual Shigeki Made (誠貴作) Kanji. This is an indication of superior QC and F&F compared to the regular versions.

So here is what is on offer for the new Tanaka-Shinko Blue 2 line,

  • Tanaka Blue 2 core and stainless cladding and the signature Nashiji finish
  • Extremely thin behind the edge
  • Sharped before shipped, ready to use OOTB.
  • K&S upgraded F&F with spine and choil rounded.
  • Able to select different types of custom K&S handles
  • Able to add a premium K&S hardwood saya for less than US$40 (AU$50)

Introducing K&S Custom Saya

Finally, I am able to offer you the one thing that I have been waiting for a long long time ---- the K&S custom hardwood saya. The K&S hardwood saya is designed by me and manufactured in house using varies exotic hardwood under strict standard. The most notable feature of the K&S custom saya is that they all come [...]

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About Sakai Jikko

Many of you may not be aware of the brand “Sakai Jikko”, yet is a very well-known brand in the Japan domestic market with a long history of making premium professional kitchen knives in Sakai, Osaka. Established in 1901, it is now in the hands of the 4th generation owner Toshiyuki Jikko. (Sakai Jikko Logo)In the past years, they [...]

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Visiting Sukenari Hamono, Apr 2016

IntroductionWe all know Sukenari offers exceptional knives, but there isn't much information on the Internet about them. During the last trip I went to visit Sukenari Hamono at Toyama Prefecture in the Hokuriku region. I am thoroughly impressed by Master Hanaki’s way of perfecting his knives and his philosophy of knife making, so I think it is good to [...]

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Difference between KNS Tanaka and Regular Tanaka

Sometimes I get emails asking me why the KNS Tanaka are more expensive than some other (Japanese) retailers. I decided to take some photos to explain why KNS Tanaka is packed with value that is a lot more than just another ordinary Tanaka.I am using a Blue 2 Damascus Gyuto as an example. One KNS [...]

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Major change in overseas shipping

I had enough with the Post system, especially when sending things overseas via the registered air mail or the pack & track service. They are extremely slow and often slow in updating the system.So I am moving everything towards DHL Express. It is a super fast international courier that delivers your packet from Australia in [...]

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Corian handles

I have been working on utilizing Corian for K&S custom handles for awhile now. After failing on a few attempts, I am finally happy on how they turn out. Fig 1: The recent batch of samples, finally coming togetherHere is a few of the handles from the latest sample batch, fitted on a few blades :)Fig [...]

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My syousin magnetic knife strip WIP

I was the other day asked by a customer to make him a magnetic  knife strip. So I figure that I may share the WIP here, I actually consider a magnetic knife strip a rather enjoyable small woodworking project.-- I use rare earth magnet in 20mm diameter, 5mm thickness. These are quite strong, and the [...]

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Timber sourcing day trip

I need great figured timber for my woodworking projects, sayas, handles and magnet knife bars. You are almost guaranteed to get nothing from hardware stores, and timber sheds in the city are more geared towards large quantity uers like furniture makers and decking / fencing guys.  There are some higher end timber vendors, but usually [...]

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